Cubs vs. Cards – 4/22/07

What a great day for baseball.  I don’t remember being able to attend a game that was that nice in April. With the wind blowing out, I was SURE it was going to be a great Cubs day.  Well, it was exciting, but so far this season I’m 0-3 for games I’ve attended.  I’m hoping for better luck tomorrow (Tuesday 4/24). 

P4210246_12My friend Denise and her son Jake joined us for the game.  At the end of last year, Jake knew baseball stats for all the players & teams.  When a couple of the guys behind us were wondering how many home runs Cliff Floyd had last year, he was very quick with the (correct) answer. Who needs the internet when you have a 9 year old!  Of course, he doesn’t have this year’s stats down yet (I guess that comes after school is out!)   

P4210245knock_birds_off_perch_6One of my future posts is going to be about the Miller Light sign on the rooftops over right field.  They are always very clever and I loved the one for this series.  Too bad we didn’t do what the sign suggested.   

Putting aside the outcome, it was a great afternoon at Wrigley – a long game, but at least the Cubs started hitting (I’ll ignore the fact that the other team was hitting also). 

I’m hoping for much better things tomorrow night against my former team, the Brewers. 




    Cubs win Cubs win Cubs win. I have not made it to a game yet this year but hope to in June or July. Look forward to reading your posts this year. I’ve said for years the Cubs could not win since the Tribune would not pay for players. Now that they DID pay for some good players, I have no excuse to think of? I’am a fair weather fan for baseball, glad you got a good day in April last weekend. Hope your blog is my eyes and ears at Wrigley this year. I truly believe we should make playoffs.

  2. Carrie

    Hi Kent,

    We’ll just have to see if the money the trib paid out will pay off for the Cubs and the fans. Hopefully the cubs can continue their recent trend and keep up the hitting, pitching, and defense.

    Of course, the Brewers didn’t pay out that much and look where they are right now – leading all of MLB. Although I was talking with a friend from Milwaukee (who used to live in Chicago) and he reminded me that both teams have disappointed him greatly in September.

    But, it’s May – still time to be optimistic!


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