I get to see the Cubs Win


Cubs vs. Nationals – May 6, 2007

Finally – I get to see the Cubs win. 

My personal cubs win/loss record (for games I’ve attended)  (1-4)

I’m a little behind on my game attendance this year, so yesterday was only my fourth game for 2007.  I have to admit, I was expecting the worst, given Guzman’s recent Iowa pitching record.  I was pleasantly surprised and very excited to see my first WIN at a Cubs game this year.  I’m going to two of the PIttsburgh games this week, so maybe I’ll get closer to 500 on my record as well! 

P5050255_1Have you ever noticed the people (fans) who are allowed to go on the field and greet the players as they come to the field?  I always wondered how those people were chosen and yesterday I found out.  Dave and Tara (who were sitting next to us) were P5050256visiting from Toronto.  They came to the game early, and were asked by Cubs customer relations to participate.  They were each given the AT&T Jersey and went out on the field to meet the players.  What a great game for them:  they got to see the Cubs win and meet two of the players. 

The_ivy_is_getting_green_20070505_4The Ivy’s starting to get green, the Cubs are hot, I’m starting to feel a little baseball hopefulness! 


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