Missed Opportunities

Cubs Vs. Pirates – May 8, 2007

My personal 2007 Cubs record:  1-5

I really thought they were going to pull it through last night.  So many missed opportunities – although in all honesty, the Pirates also had plenty of opportunities to win the game.  One of our guests, Brian, I think got the most amusement out of the hecklers that really came into form in the 10th inning.  Brian is from a small town in Georgia (5000 people) and his comment was “you just don’t get this type of entertainment where I’m from”.  Some of the hecklers were funny, some just obnoxious.  There was one fan that I couldn’t tell if he was heckling the Cubs or the Pirates – maybe it was both.  He was pretty quiet throughout the game, I first noticed him when he brought out his harmonica and played along with “Take me out to the ballgame”.  The harmonica playing was pretty good.  He started getting more vocal in the later innings (10+).  He was creative in his heckling – I’ll leave it at that. 

I was impressed with how many people stayed and were still there in the 9th inning.  Of course, after each disappointment (new inning), more and more people left.  I finally left at the bottom of the 12th and I walked in my house about the time the Pirates scored in the 15th. 

I know a lot of people are critical of Lou Pinella and the lack of consistency in the lineup, but I like it.  I like the way he uses so many of the players and in non-traditional roles.  I don’t always understand it, but at least it seems like he’s keeping things flexible and really trying to find the best ways for the Cubs to win (and playing the players who are “getting the job done”). 

I’ll have to post the pictures that go along with this entry later – I’m getting ready to head back to Wrigley for tonight’s game.  Let’s go for 2 out of 3!


One comment

  1. kent.loan@conus.army.mil

    HI Carrie,

    I was getting excited when Cubs won 6 for 7 or something like that? Ted Lilly is much much better than I thought he was when Cubs signed him. As far as Heckling, If the people don’t use swear words, I’m generally ok with it. But… worst thing is when a person swears and little kids are all around. I hate that.

    I was thinking of going to a Brewers game this year instead of Cubs. Only because I’ve never been to their Stadium. Wonder what the correlation is between baseball payroll and wins? If you use Cubs and Brewers as a sample apparently $$$ mean nothing?

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