How Sweet It Is!

P5050258 How Sweet It Is!

A pinch-hit, grand slam homerun by Derrek Lee.  The crowd went absolutely crazy!  The whole game was kind of a roller coaster, we were up, we were tied, we were up, we were tied, we were down.  And then a 6 run 8th inning. 


I love Cubs/Sox games – of course, I love the games more when the Cubs win! There were two young men who walked in together – watching these kids through the emotional roller coaster was interesting – at least all the young kids didn’t become Sox fans after they won the World Series (the picture is after the 6 run 8th inning, in case you were wondering).  These kids never gave up on their team – no matter the score, it was “Lets Go Cubbies, or Lets Go White Sox).

P5180257 One thing that is especially good about the Cubs winning is that it keeps the Sox fans from getting two obnoxious – of course that didn’t stop Sami and Bethany (they were waiting in the bathroom line after the game, but still were messing with the Cubs fans).  Of course, they only picked young, good looking, male Cubs fans to taunt. 

P5180245_1We went to the game with Mickey and Jo – Mickey when he was in his teens, used to clean up  the ball park and flip up the seats after the games to get a free ticket to the next game.  Mickey went yesterday, and was remarking (early in the game) about how a win makes everything seem so much better (and his night better).  I know he went home happy today. 

It was a great day at the ballpark!  The Ivy is now completely green, the sun was on our seats (which is kind of rare) and, most importantly, the CUBS WON! 

Dare we hope for the sweep tomorrow? 

Lets go Cubbies, Lets Go!




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