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How Sweet It Is!

P5050258 How Sweet It Is!

A pinch-hit, grand slam homerun by Derrek Lee.  The crowd went absolutely crazy!  The whole game was kind of a roller coaster, we were up, we were tied, we were up, we were tied, we were down.  And then a 6 run 8th inning. 


I love Cubs/Sox games – of course, I love the games more when the Cubs win! There were two young men who walked in together – watching these kids through the emotional roller coaster was interesting – at least all the young kids didn’t become Sox fans after they won the World Series (the picture is after the 6 run 8th inning, in case you were wondering).  These kids never gave up on their team – no matter the score, it was “Lets Go Cubbies, or Lets Go White Sox).

P5180257 One thing that is especially good about the Cubs winning is that it keeps the Sox fans from getting two obnoxious – of course that didn’t stop Sami and Bethany (they were waiting in the bathroom line after the game, but still were messing with the Cubs fans).  Of course, they only picked young, good looking, male Cubs fans to taunt. 

P5180245_1We went to the game with Mickey and Jo – Mickey when he was in his teens, used to clean up  the ball park and flip up the seats after the games to get a free ticket to the next game.  Mickey went yesterday, and was remarking (early in the game) about how a win makes everything seem so much better (and his night better).  I know he went home happy today. 

It was a great day at the ballpark!  The Ivy is now completely green, the sun was on our seats (which is kind of rare) and, most importantly, the CUBS WON! 

Dare we hope for the sweep tomorrow? 

Lets go Cubbies, Lets Go!


Missed Opportunities

Cubs Vs. Pirates – May 8, 2007

My personal 2007 Cubs record:  1-5

I really thought they were going to pull it through last night.  So many missed opportunities – although in all honesty, the Pirates also had plenty of opportunities to win the game.  One of our guests, Brian, I think got the most amusement out of the hecklers that really came into form in the 10th inning.  Brian is from a small town in Georgia (5000 people) and his comment was “you just don’t get this type of entertainment where I’m from”.  Some of the hecklers were funny, some just obnoxious.  There was one fan that I couldn’t tell if he was heckling the Cubs or the Pirates – maybe it was both.  He was pretty quiet throughout the game, I first noticed him when he brought out his harmonica and played along with “Take me out to the ballgame”.  The harmonica playing was pretty good.  He started getting more vocal in the later innings (10+).  He was creative in his heckling – I’ll leave it at that. 

I was impressed with how many people stayed and were still there in the 9th inning.  Of course, after each disappointment (new inning), more and more people left.  I finally left at the bottom of the 12th and I walked in my house about the time the Pirates scored in the 15th. 

I know a lot of people are critical of Lou Pinella and the lack of consistency in the lineup, but I like it.  I like the way he uses so many of the players and in non-traditional roles.  I don’t always understand it, but at least it seems like he’s keeping things flexible and really trying to find the best ways for the Cubs to win (and playing the players who are “getting the job done”). 

I’ll have to post the pictures that go along with this entry later – I’m getting ready to head back to Wrigley for tonight’s game.  Let’s go for 2 out of 3!

I get to see the Cubs Win


Cubs vs. Nationals – May 6, 2007

Finally – I get to see the Cubs win. 

My personal cubs win/loss record (for games I’ve attended)  (1-4)

I’m a little behind on my game attendance this year, so yesterday was only my fourth game for 2007.  I have to admit, I was expecting the worst, given Guzman’s recent Iowa pitching record.  I was pleasantly surprised and very excited to see my first WIN at a Cubs game this year.  I’m going to two of the PIttsburgh games this week, so maybe I’ll get closer to 500 on my record as well! 

P5050255_1Have you ever noticed the people (fans) who are allowed to go on the field and greet the players as they come to the field?  I always wondered how those people were chosen and yesterday I found out.  Dave and Tara (who were sitting next to us) were P5050256visiting from Toronto.  They came to the game early, and were asked by Cubs customer relations to participate.  They were each given the AT&T Jersey and went out on the field to meet the players.  What a great game for them:  they got to see the Cubs win and meet two of the players. 

The_ivy_is_getting_green_20070505_4The Ivy’s starting to get green, the Cubs are hot, I’m starting to feel a little baseball hopefulness! 

Cubs vs. Cards – 4/22/07

What a great day for baseball.  I don’t remember being able to attend a game that was that nice in April. With the wind blowing out, I was SURE it was going to be a great Cubs day.  Well, it was exciting, but so far this season I’m 0-3 for games I’ve attended.  I’m hoping for better luck tomorrow (Tuesday 4/24). 

P4210246_12My friend Denise and her son Jake joined us for the game.  At the end of last year, Jake knew baseball stats for all the players & teams.  When a couple of the guys behind us were wondering how many home runs Cliff Floyd had last year, he was very quick with the (correct) answer. Who needs the internet when you have a 9 year old!  Of course, he doesn’t have this year’s stats down yet (I guess that comes after school is out!)   

P4210245knock_birds_off_perch_6One of my future posts is going to be about the Miller Light sign on the rooftops over right field.  They are always very clever and I loved the one for this series.  Too bad we didn’t do what the sign suggested.   

Putting aside the outcome, it was a great afternoon at Wrigley – a long game, but at least the Cubs started hitting (I’ll ignore the fact that the other team was hitting also). 

I’m hoping for much better things tomorrow night against my former team, the Brewers.