What’s the best thing about opening day?

Cubs home opener, April 9, 2007

The cubs opened the season with paratroopers (US Army) landing on Wrigley field. That was really amazing – our guys in uniform are awesome.

As predicted, it was actually snowing (flurrying) at Wrigley today. Of course our flurries were nothing like they had in Cleveland where they had to cancel the game. Inside the park, on the lower deck, it actually wasn’t too cold – up stairs it was absolutely frigid.

I took an informal poll today, nothing scientific, just comments from people I happened to talk with. I asked each – “why do you like opening day” or “what is the best thing about the Cubs home opener”. Here are some of the answers I received:

From Brad: “the Beer” and “the expectation, you never know how good the cubs are going to be this year, and on opening day, anything is possible”.

From Donna: The tradition. It’s a whole new series of fun!

Frank (Donna’s Dad) – Being with friends (note: some other time, I’ll have to do a whole “first memory of Wrigley blog” – Donna has some very specific memories of her first trips to Wrigley with her dad).

Adam – (who we met on the non-sun deck): It was his first opening day. Being with friends and a face value ticket!

Brian: Off of work at a cubs game

Tony: Spilling beer on beautiful women (this was as he was apologizing for spilling beer on us, moments before he spilled more on himself).

Roger: I wore this coat on a trip to Antarctica and I haven’t even had to zip it up yet here at Wrigley.

Steve: Taking the afternoon off work!

Sara: (my neighbor, who we saw at cubby bear): Astros Win! (did I mention Sara is from Texas?)

Ed: Its the start of summer

Patty: Going (to the game).

Mins: Seeing all my Chicago people out to play

So even with the disappointing game (except for Sara the Astros fan), its still the Cubs home opener and nothing else compares. The crowds, the cheers, the atmosphere – it all really brings home why Wrigley is special. Let’s hope for a better game tomorrow!

Pre-Cubs Home Opener (Cubs Vs. Milwaukee at Miller Park)

April 8, 2007

I have to say, as a former Milwaukeean (but pure cubs fan now), Miller Park is very nice.  On a day like today, it was even nicer to have a roof over our heads and no cold Wrigley breeze in our face.  Even with that, I’m excited for the first game of 2007 at Wrigley tomorrow. 

Unfortunately, I went to the only Milwaukee game the Cubs lost, but if I have to choose, I’d rather have them win tomorrow at home.  We went with my mom (a true blue Brewer’s fan and Milwaukee resident) and she was very happy with the win…although I think she wanted to see the Brewers even win by MORE of a margin (we had to keep reminding her that a win was a win and 9-4 was plenty of margin).  It’s also nice how Miller Park welcomes all of us Cubs fans – I found it amusing that they even sell Cubs shirts at the souvenir stands inside the park.  (They might as well make as much money from us as they can). 

Now to this blog – I’m going to see if I can make it past Mother’s Day this year.  Even though this blog is more about experiences at Wrigley (or in the case of this particular post “Wrigley North”) than baseball and how we play, I think I ended up so disheartened last year with the cubs that I lost all interest in writing. 

As I write this, the weather forecast for game time is tomorrow is 38F with flurries.  So here are my tips for staying warm on opening day. 

1)      Layers (yes, I know your mom told you this all the time).  Layers are also important if you are doing any pre- or post-game celebrating – it makes it much easier to enjoy your time in the bars (un-layered) and still be warm in the stadium. 

2)      Beer Mittens (or gloves).  Since you don’t have to worry about your beer getting warm (in fact, it might get colder), your beer will be much more enjoyable if you can drink it without getting your fingers frostbit. 

3)      Blankets – to sit on.  Makes a huge difference than sitting on the cold seat.  No more explanation needed. 

Let’s get ready to Play Ball!